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island_125If we were a little shrewder here at PaperSpecs Towers, we’d probably have signed up for this long before spilling the beans, but we’ve always been lousy at scheming. So here’s the deal: If you’re a creative longing to work on your creations in peace, business creativity author Fredrik Härén says you’re welcome to come work on one of his three islands.

To participate in the Ideas Island project, simply answer a few questions on the project’s website, and you might just find yourself with a week to do nothing but create on an island off the coast of The Philippines, or one of two Swedish islands.


Though technically there’s no charge to stay on the islands, you are encouraged to donate $1,000 to a charity of the project’s choosing. If you can’t afford that, this stipulation can be waived. (Though you will still have to pay for travel to the island, as well as food.)

Note that winners will be chosen on the strength of the idea or work they wish to develop while on the island. Yes, dear friends, there is always a catch.



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