Coast Modern CD Case


To paraphrase American Modernist architect Dion Neutra, you should live with the comfort of being inside while feeling like you’re outside. The aesthetic of the DVD case and booklet that comprise the packaging for “Coast Modern,” an independent documentary featuring the pioneers of West Coast Modernist architecture, reflects this idea beautifully.

The design inspiration for the DVD packaging takes its cue from the film’s storyline – traveling along the Pacific Coast from Los Angeles to Vancouver showcasing homes that are filled with light and space.

Soft-touch laminate and satin varnish provide a texture that reminds me of the breeze as it comes off the ocean. Photos of the sun sparkling off the water and boulder-strewn hillsides shaded by towering trees evoke the relaxed setting of the outdoors.

MET Fine Printers does a masterful job layering the images from the DVD case to the CD label so they align perfectly. The use of VOC-free UV inks acknowledges respect for the natural surroundings so integral to this architectural style.


Project Details

Title Coast Modern CD Case Client Coast Modern - Two Folds Design Met Printers Print Met Printers
Vancouver, BC Canada
Paper Oji Paper Topkote Gloss with Soft Touch Film Laminate

Production Details

Dimensions 7.5" x 5" Number of Colors CMYK + soft touch laminate one side, satin/matte varnish on reverse. Finishing and Binding Mounted to board, diecut, assembled


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