Strut Your Printed Stuff!

That’s right … There’s no need to be shy at the PaperSpecs Gallery.

That’s what the PaperSpecs Gallery is all about. We’ve created a curated space where design, paper and printing excellence are celebrated and made very visible – for those who love the medium of paper. For those who want a little inspiration. For those who may be your next clients.

What’s in it for you?

As well as receiving exposure for your work (and the admiration of your peers), a feature video about your project might appear on the PaperSpecs website.

How to submit

Complete the entry form below.

Each week we select an item featured in the PaperSpecs Gallery and create one of our Paper Inspiration videos exclusively featuring that piece. Our average video is viewed over 5,000 times online!

If you’d like your piece considered for one of our videos please send 2 physical samples of the piece to:

PaperSpecs Gallery
127a Coleridge Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94301

If your project is selected for a video we will notify you and share the link when your video is live.

*Don’t forget to package your submissions carefully, with some protection, so we can feature a pristine sample of your fabulous work!

Any hi-resolution images (4320 x 2432 px at 180 dpi) you can send along, via whatever file transfer site you prefer, would also be greatly appreciated – ideal for use in the video.
Please send to hi-resolutions images to [email protected].


    So go ahead and strut your printed stuff!

    NOTE: There is no fee to enter your projects to the Gallery!

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