Tommy Shelby Whiskey Label

Tommy Shelby Whiskey Label - PaperSpecs

Netflix has much to answer for: entire days lost to binge watches, marital discord over movie-night choices, and forcing designer Scott Biersack to take to the bottle. That last bit isn’t quite as tragic as it sounds, he explains.

“I’m completely obsessed with the new hit Netflix series ‘Peaky Blinders.’ It’s a British historical crime drama based in 1919 Birmingham, England… I had an urge to develop a hypothetical whiskey brand named after the mob boss and main character, Tommy Shelby.”

Thus inspired, Scott located a suitably historic-looking liquor bottle or two and got to work designing a whiskey label suitable for the post-WWI criminal kingpin. Choosing to keep the overall look extremely clean, he nevertheless got quite a bit of oomph out of it, particularly the way the filigree on the bottle’s side plays off the sawtooth bottom edge. And my goodness that logo mark…!

Tommy Shelby Whiskey Label - PaperSpecs

Digitally printed on Mohawk Color Copy 98 Bright White 100 lb. Cover, the whiskey label is complemented by an ornate, eye-catching paper wrap that covers the bottle entirely, yet still allows said whiskey label to show through enticingly.

And lest you think Scott took any half-measures here, “just about everything was created by hand,” he explains. “I hand-cut the bottom sawtooth whiskey label, hand-dipped the wax seal, and cut and painted the box packaging.” He also filled the bottle with apple juice to save some cash.

“I discovered just how much time goes into package design and how much knowledge and experience is involved with creating something so complicated,” he confides. “Lots of die-lines, multiple test prints, laser-cutting mishaps, crumbling wax seals, etc. After all the trial and error throughout each stage of this process I learned something new. It was great!”

And so, basking in the majesty of this snazzy packaging for a liquor of the imagination, we raise a glass to Scott and Peaky Blinders’ own Tommy Shelby: “To crime, gentlemen…so long as it’s well designed.”Save

Project Details

Title Tommy Shelby Whiskey Client Self Date May 2015 Design Scott Biersack Print Alphagraphics Phoenix, AZ Paper Mohawk Color Copy 98 Bright White 100 lb. Cover

Production Details

Dimensions 4.5 x 12.5" Print Quantity 10 Production Cost About $75 for 2 bottles Production Time 3 months Printing Method Digital Number of Colors One color Finishing and Binding Hand cut bottom saw tooth label, hand dipped wax seal, hand cut and painted box.

  1. Walter O Connor 5 years ago

    Can these be purchased, I’d love one!!

    • Aaron Berman 5 years ago

      Hi Walter – The designer only created 10 of these, so they are extremely rare. We would suggest getting in touch with him directly: info(at) Hope that helps!

  2. Arthur 4 years ago

    The one thing I would knock on this beautiful label is any hardcore fan know Tommy prefers Irish whiskey to Scotch

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