Cool Packaging: Royal Essence L’oeuvre du Temps

royale essence packaging

It is one of life’s little ironies that today, when fewer people wear wristwatches than at any time in the last century, we are more aware of time’s passage than ever before. Smartphones and the web have forced upon us deadlines – personal and professional – that are measured in hours rather than days. Yet historically timepieces have been cherished as much for their beauty and intricacy of detail as their timekeeping abilities. It is these aspects of the “chronograph” that are celebrated in Royal Essence’s labeling and packaging for L’oeuvre du Temps (literally “the work of time”) crafted by CD Design. Let’s start with the top of the gift box:

royale essence packaging5

And now for a closer look…

royale essence packaging6

This chronograph image with its compass rose motif are an exciting preview of details to be discovered inside. But first, a little background on the thought behind the design via Packaging of the World:

“ROYALE ESSENCE, l’Œuvre du Temps, unveils the history of one of the most sought-after French fine spirits in the world for its finesse, its exceptional aroma and its notes of unrivalled complexity: ‘Recovered from the ocean’s depths in a mysterious wreck, the precious and delicate nectar returns from a long voyage. Dating from 1673, this sunken treasure had in its day made its mark on minds and on the history of fine spirits. For so long rocked by the ebb and flow of the watery deep, this elixir was miraculously preserved thanks to its casing, found in one of the chests of the ship’s hold.’ The ROYALE ESSENCE bottle, with its pure silhouette and refined decoration, is perfectly complemented by its handsome box, a symbol of elegance and refinement…”
All of which gives you some idea of why they went to the luxurious extremes they did with this packaging:
“Comparable to the work of a goldsmith, [printer Micro-Sablage Verrier] combines engraving and screen-print decoration in order to adorn the bottle with different levels of relief.”
Enough words – here is what all of that verbiage looks like in practice. Go on, take a moment to really lose yourself in these stunning details!
royale essence packaging4
And finally, the label itself:
royale essence packaging2
Whatever your thoughts about the chronograph, er, watch’s loss of place in today’s society, I think we can all agree that when it comes to this opulent packaging, we can always make time for something this beautiful.

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