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Though we haven’t touched a deck of playing cards since the royal trouncing at Gin Rummy we received at the hands of a grandparent sometime in the ’80s (which grandparent is now sadly hazy), our love for the artisanal decks  appearing regularly out of thin air these days knows no bounds. In recent years playing card decks have been running neck-and-neck with wine & spirit labels for most ambitious print projects – case in point, this gorgeous, tactile treat. Designed by illustrator Jeff Trish, the Sons of Liberty Playing Cards are everything you’d want in a fancy deck. Yet it is the captivating, highly detailed tuck box that truly stops us in our tracks.

Printed by Clove St. Press, it features a sculpted emboss that simply begs to have its contours traced with an admiring finger, those details beautifully set off by 3 different foil stamped colors. From the curling banners and upside-down compass to the lifelike eagles (or are they basilisks?), those embossings are downright chilling. (Of course we have a newfound appreciation for sculpted embosses since stumbling upon that horse head business card a few years back.) That pleasing blue color is also an excellent reminder of the 50 paper colors offered by Colorplan.






Project Details

Title Sons of Liberty Playing Cards Tuck Box Client Dan and Dave Design Jeff Trish Print Clove St. Press Paper Colorplan 130 lb. Imperial Blue

Production Details

Printing Method Letterpress Number of Colors 3 foil stamped colors Finishing and Binding Foil stamping, sculpted emboss, die cutting

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