Mail Magic Box

Today people want experiences that aren’t just appealing to the eye but also have that feel of exclusivity. Now through the magic of digital printing, you can create marketing materials and packaging every bit as “one of a kind” as they are. One way to do this is through the use of HP’s Mosaic technology, which creates countless variations based on a single master artwork. With its fun and fashionable “Mail Magic” boxes, GLS/Next Precision Marketing demonstrates just how effective this is at building anticipation.

GLS/Next Precision Marketing Mail Magic Box

Produced to raise awareness of both the HP Mosaic technology itself and GLS/Next’s own reputation for cutting-edge printing, each one of these 1,250 packages is based on one of five unique, colorful designs. These were printed CMYK on the outside of 18 pt. GPA Ultra Digital C2S paper using an HP Indigo press.

With a distinctive die-cut flap at the top and the addition of a convenient handle, this box is not only immensely useful, ready to accept samples, paperwork or anything else you want your potential clients to peruse; it is sure to catch many an eye. And don’t worry about its contents – this is a well thought through, sturdy box complete with a magnetic closure that keeps the flap closed and everything in place.

GLS/Next Precision Marketing Mail Magic Box

On the bottom of the box there’s a thumbnail of the original artwork that was used to create the design that illustrates this specific package, as well as information about the type of digital press that was used to print it. Though understated, this is a nice touch and a great opportunity to introduce clients to how they can use HP’s Mosaic software and digital printing to create something uniquely their own.

GLS/Next Precision Marketing Mail Magic Box

“Our clients love the box and the content it held,” GLS/Next’s Jim Benedict informed me enigmatically. Naturally curious, I pressed him on the significance of the name “Mail Magic.” Did clients receive the box filled with inspiring direct-mail related content perhaps?

Replies Jim, “That is our secret.”

Now THAT’s how you build anticipation!

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Project Details

Title Mail Box Magic Client Self Date November 2017- present Design GLS/Next Precision Marketing Print GLS/Next Precision Marketing Paper 18 pt. GPA Ultra Digital C2S Silk Indigo

Production Details

Dimensions 7” x 10” x 2” Print Quantity 1250; 250 each of 5 unique designs Production Time 15 days Printing Method Initial run on HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press; subsequent runs on HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding Die cut, fold and glue with handle and magnets


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