Cool Card: High-level 3D Blind Embossed Business Cards

Dtuckerei Eisenhardt blind embossed business card

Update (July 13th, 2016): PRO members: Want to get this sculptured emboss look for your own projects? Discover everything you need to know in this PRO Tip!

Update (July 6th, 2016): Druckerei Eisenhardt filled in a few details for us on this wonderful piece. The emboss itself is 3mm high on Gmund Cotton Linen Cream 222 lb. Cover.

Update (July 20th, 2016): Added an “unboxing” video at the bottom of the page featuring a fantastic care package from the printer of this card. (Watch closely, the card was in that package and makes a brief appearance!)

German printer Druckerei Eisenhardt put its all into this jaw-dropping example of just what business-card miracles you can accomplish with blind embossed business cards. As CardObserver breathlessly points out, we’ve left the realm of simple embossing here and are well within sculpture territory. Just look at the way the paper uses a balance of light and shadow to bring this horse’s head to dramatic life. This looks less like a business card and more like something someone chiseled off and pocketed during a trip to the Roman ruins.

horse blind embossed business card

Sure, this level of blind embossed business cards may cost you a bit more than those cards you had digitally printed last year, but can you imagine anyone – anyone! – throwing this card away? And just think of how many people your average recipient would end up showing it to. We’ve reviewed a lot of cards over the years, but this may just be the most impressive one we’ve come across to date…

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  1. Michael Reilly 8 years ago

    That is super impressive! I would love to know more about what the die and counter die looked like. Was it possible to achieve that depth in a single impression? What paper allows for that? 3D embossing is not well documented.

    • Aaron Berman 8 years ago

      All very good questions, Michael. We’ll see what we can find out…

  2. Karen Rosser 8 years ago

    Great questions! I would like to know, too. And, I would love to see a print rep weigh in on possible cost and paper/production considerations with such a high relief. I wonder if there is a way to mass produce the embossment then imprint. I know – seems unlikely since a post embossment run would squash the art, but maybe someone has a cleaver idea on how to make that work. Also, was the back left open or an additional sheet glued down? Wow!

    • Aaron Berman 8 years ago

      All very good questions, Karen. We’re working on getting those answers and then some 🙂

      • Aaron Berman 8 years ago

        Just a note to say we filled in a few more details on this wonderful card in the story (at the top) today, so feel free to check that out 🙂

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