Canada's Passport to Awesome

Canadian VisaThere’s a reason you don’t see a lot of government print work oohed and ahhed over. Design by committee is bad enough, but with the taxpayer grumpily peering over your shoulder counting every dime, how can you be expected to produce quality work? Yet a recent post on Reddit has people stunned by at least one piece of officialdom: the Canadian passport.

When placed under a UV light, the normally bland pages of the Canadian passport come to life in an explosion of psychedelic color that seems to leap off the paper. The effects are achieved through the use of optically variable ink…well, we say “use,” but they’ve really splashed it around to splendid effect. (Many more photos here.)

Sure, it’s mostly there to help with the nation’s anti-terrorism efforts, but they’ve taken it further than simple practicality requires. Bravo, Canada!

Canadian VisaCanadian VisaCanadian Visa


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