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3d folding business cardCreatives continue to distill their imagination and skills into business cards that fit neatly into the palm of your hand. This week, we flip for a flip-book portfolio, pack up for a shipping company, and get chippy with an interior designer.

Flip-book Business Card

Designer Rob Burke‘s portfolio-in-your-pocket card probably got many people’s hearts racing when they came across it on Creative Bloq recently. It does absolutely everything you want a business card to do: it’s a résumé and clip-book all in one.

Though he limited his “Ultimate Flip Book Business Card” to three pages to keep it reasonably thin, more can certainly be added. And if you think this is just the kind of thing you’d like to do for your own promotion, Burke says he’s going to launch a Kickstarter in March to make them widely available in two different varieties, as well as in a 5″-x-7″ postcard format.

flip book business card



3D Card for Shipping Company

Some of the most impressive business cards are also some of the simplest from a design perspective – the “why didn’t I think of that” variety. This construction-card-based piece that Y&R Brasil came up with for shipping company TAM Cargo is a good example. Simply fold the card up and it becomes a miniature packing box. Simple and effective!

3d folding business card


Interior Designer’s Business Card

Rethink’s cards for interior designer Jennifer Grais are another example of “why didn’t I think of that?” These come in two varieties: a paint-chip style and one featuring fabric samples. Both tell you right away what Grais is all about: finding the best colors and fabrics for your home or office. Perfect!

interior designer business card


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