It’s a Card, It’s Gum….

gaga_125We don’t care. We don’t care that this idea is ridiculous, bizarre, and something 99% of the population would avoid like an IRS sock hop – we love it. We love it because it’s so completely out of left field and such a horrible idea, it’s a piece of creative genius. It’s GagaSticks, and it’s brilliantly bonkers.

Rather than go through the linguistic gymnastics necessary to explain this idea, we’re going to give it to you straight from their press release:

gagaSTICKS are personal introductions with the look and feel of a stick of gum. Think business cards, except they’re not cards at all. gagaSTICKS are sturdy and flexible magnetic sticks that are custom printed and laminated on both sides. But wait, there’s more.

Like some other premium business cards, gagaSTICKS can be personalized with your favorite artwork, photos, and text. But that’s where the business card comparison ends. That’s because, just like gum, every gagaSTICK is wrapped in foil, then it’s bundled with a real stick of gum in your choice of flavors.


Once you’ve processed this – and seriously, don’t rush doing so – take a look at some of the other details:

  • Choose a design for one side of the magnet from selected artists, or completely personalize them with your own images, designs and typography
  • Include up to four lines of text on the other side
  • Because they are magnets, they are meant to be left on fridges, magnetic white boards, and pretty much anyplace but a desk drawer
  • They’re sold in custom boxes of 25 for $24 plus shipping. 


Somewhere in the release is a half-hearted rationale for the gum motif – people always share gum, right? – but man, do we really need to rationalize GagaSticks? Still, we must return to that press release once more for our favorite part, where co-founder Cesar Grullón explains the passion they have for their product:

“That passion has kept us going through the misses it took to hit upon the right formula.”

We started this piece thinking that we’d get a few cheap laughs off of a risible business concept but, truth time now, we’ve found a special place in our heart for a project that dared to aim higher creatively than simply popping out one more flat-and-forgettable business card. Here’s to GagaSticks, long may they gaga.




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