Utopia Two Glossed up for Direct Mail

utopia2Appleton Coated added Utopia Two Points Gloss to its popular line this month, with an eye firmly on the direct-mail market. The new paper is offered in 72 lb. Cover and 87 lb. Cover; both are guaranteed to meet USPS requirements. Finally, it boasts those oh-so-vital green credentials, coming standard with 10% post-consumer recovered fiber. (It’s also available FSC and SFI certified, and with Green-e-certified Green Power.)

As the release points out, “The Appleton Coated Utopia Two grade line is the broadest offer in the Utopia brand family. It includes rolls and sheets in basis weights from 50 lb. Text to 120 lb. Cover, with HP Indigo certified digital products as well as quick-turn custom and supersize sheet programs.”



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