Warning! Paper Porn Ahead

arjo_125If there’s a way to inject a whiff of the unexpected into paper, Arjowiggins will find it. Whether it’s paper made from potato starch, translucents, or dazzling metallics, the company always comes up with something unique. Which is why it’s hard to believe that the mill has been kicking around in one form or another since the 18th century!

To give us some perspective on all that history, Paris designer Julian Douek and marketing agency Bloomeo put their heads together to create a 2-volume, limited-edition boxed set of Arjowiggins’ new range of papers, which includes a look at the company’s origins.


The second hard cover book (both feature debossed covers) provides samples from 61 papers from its new range.

But enough of the shop talk, take a look at these images!





Note: We have since learned that this was a very limited-availability item indeed. Here are the particulars:

The Arjowiggins Creative Papers Promo book set was a limited edition sample that was sent to luxury brands & key designers in the Arjowiggins database.  There are not any additional copies available – they didn’t even get a copy.  The promotion is called A+S61. The first book, A+, is about Arjowiggins – their know-how, their history, and their passion in fine paper making.  The second book, S61, is samples – it showcases 61 samples of a selection of Arjowiggins Creative Papers.

A bit of a tease, really….



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