Map Scratches an Itch for Travel

map_125As horizon-widening and educational as international travel can be, it seems that all we’re usually left with today are more digital photos than we could ever flip through, and not much else. The Scratch Map from Luckies of London adds a fun and interactive component to your travel that leaves you with an ongoing record of your peregrinations.

There are actually several versions of the map, but all work fundamentally the same way. Each brand new map is covered in gold foil. Once you’ve been to a place, you can scratch off the corresponding bit on the map, revealing the colorful country underneath.

To date, there are maps for the world, the USA, Europe and the UK. There’s even a travel edition that rolls up into a stylish carrying tube that you can take on the road with you. It’s fun, interactive, and a living art piece that will evolve as your travels do.



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