Mitsubishi Motors with Sustainable Paper

Designed by design studio 180LA, the brochure for Mitsubishi Motors’ 100% Electric i-MiEV (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle) is a nice sample for your inspiration file.

The brochure, printed by Lithographix, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA), shows off crisp and clean photographic images on the inside as well as a superimposed green and blue duotone of the car with a blind-embossed quote on the front cover.

That quote was a very explicit intro to the car’s environmental pedigree (four decades in the making) so it was important to complement the marketing message with a sustainable paper choice.

180LA chose Mohawk Options Vellum 100% PC White, which is FSC certified, manufactured with wind power and made completely from postconsumer waste recycled pulp.

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