Congrats, Jan. Golden Ticket Winners

ticket_125Yes, it pays to be a PaperSpecs PRO member. For about what you spend on coffee each month (actually, probably less than that), you get the latest swatchbooks and promos, access to the largest searchable database of papers in North America, and personal answers to your every paper question courtesy of our live 365 Paper Concierge.

And if that isn’t enough, PRO members get dibs on the chance to win rare paper items, many of which can’t be had for love nor money anyplace else.

This month, the following PRO members won a copy of Wayward Arts magazine’s hard-to-find “Napkinisms” issue:

  • Trude Irons
  • Sheila Donnelly
  • Margaret Quade
  • Margie Adcock.

Congratulations everybody. And for those who want to take a drive of PaperSpecs PRO, your carriage awaits.

PRO members, see you in February with a brand new “Golden Ticket” – you won’t want to miss this one. We’ve already had a lot of buzz about this item. (Let’s see, what kind of hint can we give? Hmmmm. Think brewski… 😉


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