York's Scented Guidebook

smell_125Having pretty much hit a wall with what can be done with the interaction of print and digital, some creative types are going back to the always-intriguing prospect of scented print. Most recently, York has come up with Smell York, a guidebook that will allow tourists to recall their visit to the English city long after they’ve returned home.

The good folks at The Press in York give us a brief rundown of the 12 scents on offer, some of which include:

York’s Antiquities: a musty infusion of leather, old books, gold, silver, wood and dust. [The smell of gold and silver??]

Afternoon Tea: the appetizing aromas of loose leaf teas, spices and cakes

Railway heritage: a nostalgic infusion of coal, steam, engine oil and iron to represent York’s rich railway history

Rural Yorkshire: the scent of fresh wild heather as it grows on the North York Moors, the grasslands of the Yorkshire Dales and fresh country air

Spooky Scents: the strong smells of sulfur and roses that are frequently associated with two of York’s eternally restless spirits

Guy Fawkes’ legacy: gunpowder, fireworks and burning wood and straw.

Intrigued? You can send your request for the book to the Visit York Visiting Centre. Whether or not they send you a copy might come down to whether they think you’re genuinely interested in visiting their fair city…or if they smell something fishy.





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