I’m Not Living up to my Potential

Hats off to David LaFerriere, who has balanced his day job as a designer at Wheaton College in Norton, Mass., with creating a new illustration on his children’s sandwich bags every day …for five years. At at time when parents and children rarely even peel their eyes off their respective phones long enough to exchange glances over the dinner table anymore, you have to applaud this level of dedication and, well, love.


Apparently this is something of a trend, according to this piece. Brown paper lunch bags seem to be another favorite medium of artistic communication between parent and child. And like everything else these days, these artists are posting images of their creations on Tumblr, Flickr and elsewhere.

Two things seem to be missing from this coverage: the beatings these children bravely face every afternoon (I mean jeez, do you remember the hell you received for wearing the wrong colored shirt on the wrong day… *gulp* or was that just us?), and the client meetings that invariably preceded each drawing. “Dad, I need you to make the logo bigger, and this ice cream cone sketch — can you make it colder?”



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