Perpetual Letterpress Calendar

calendar_125There’s just something about a calendar. Perhaps it’s the fact that it is a piece of art that will sit by your side throughout the year; maybe it’s just the implied optimism that you’ll be around to see December. Whatever it is, the only real downside to calendars is the disappointment one feels when the year comes to an end and the calendar must be disposed of.

Fortunately, this calendar, made by FamiliaPlomez in Madrid, consists of several letterpress-printed pieces that can be used indefinitely, simply by being rearranged in their stand. (Note that the stand also holds all the unused pieces.)


And should this particular piece strike your fancy, it can be purchased via FamiliaPlomez’s Etsy store. Pay particular attention to the details listed there. Our favorite:” Thanks to La Quinta del Sordo for allowing us to put our lives in danger using their guillotine.”

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