Cookbook Gives You the Cutting Edge

carulla_cookbook3A smile instantly comes to the lips whenever the name Ogilvy hits the news. In its various iterations worldwide, the agency has approached the art of promotion with equal parts brilliance and insanity. Recently, its Middle East branch used a magazine containing a few basic electronics to allow readers to get an insurance quote via text message. Later, its Toronto one tricked designers into downloading a Photoshop effect that secretly undid all the airbrushing they’d done to models.

And now, Ogilvy & Mather in Bogota, Colombia whipped up “Slice a Recipe,” a large cookbook used by culinary school Carulla to teach trainee cooks how to use their knives.


Students were given a copy of the enormous white volume, then required to cut into it along thin perforations in order to separate the pages and reveal the recipes inside. So popular was the book, a second edition is already in the works. Here’s to you, Ogilvy – may you never completely regain your marbles.


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