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What are the criteria you use for choosing a “Cool Card of the Week” you ask? Stop pestering us, we reply. Don’t you have homes? Leave us alone. (Apologies, we tend to get like this sometimes; it’ll pass.) Actually (see!), much like the famed criteria for obscenity, we know it when we see it. And this week, we really love what we saw: a moving company’s interactive demonstration, an engineer’s brainy calling card, and, well – chocolate!! (Previous “Cool Cards of the Week” can be found here.)

Moving Company Business Card

We know this one will receive a fair number of “boo’s” because of the potential for recipients to lose the company’s contact details, but its creativity far outweighs this little setback. The business card itself is a transparent sheet on which a living room’s furniture is printed, along with the person’s name and contact info. Slide the sheet from the holder and voila: an empty living room!

moving company business card


Engineer’s Business Card

“To create the business card design, I drew upon the arrangement of letters I had previously used in the production of various word clocks.” (Word clocks?) So begins engineer Ashby Martin’s description of how he created his business card, and right away our stereotypical view of engineers as brainy types is satisfied. And let’s just say that Ashby does not disappoint. He continues:

“The details are revealed as the abstract pattern of dots is folded over the seeming random grid of letters. When the card is fully opened the website is masked and the dots only show white.”

And we should add that Ashby did all of this himself with a photocopier and workshop laser cutter. Makes us feel better to know that somebody out there has some practical skills…

engineer business card

engineer business card


Candy Company Business Card

There’s something rather sweet about how quickly even the most successful, high-strung adult turns to putty at the offer of chocolate. So if you’re a company specializing in the creation of chocolate treats, what better calling card than a candy wrapper curled around a piece of your handiwork? Nummy!

candy company business card

  1. Saverio 9 years ago

    yes, the moving business card is very nice! But you should print the contact info again on the empty room.

    • Aaron - PaperSpecs 9 years ago

      Hi Saverio. I’m afraid we don’t have contact info for the designers. The closest we have is the link in the story, which refers people to the moving company itself:

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