Paper Carrier = Kitty Co-pilot

zingre_catcradle3For years and years, dog owners have been able to effortlessly bring their pets with them simply by attaching leash to collar. Though this can be done with cats, too, it always looks ridiculous, and it’s the rare cat indeed who will put up with this nonsense for more than a few yards.

Design student Erin Zingré came up a different approach to this problem, and created the Cat’s Cradle, a cardboard carrier with a designer’s eye for style.

On the back you’ll find an illustrated guide to “Inconvenient ways to hold your cat.” On the front, Zingré somehow managed to include a number of phrases with enough typographical sophistication to keep it from looking like an eyesore. Highlights include: “If I Fits I Sits” and “This is Not a Discussion” directly beneath the hole that Miss Kitty will poke her head through when bored. (All cats are girls, all dogs are boys, OK. I mean not biologically but, you know, really.) A catnip filled, cat-shaped toy and a little blanket complete the effect.


“Before creating the package, I knew I wanted to design it expressly with cats in mind,” the designer says on her site. “To meet this aim, I conducted some market research, asking myself: ‘What products do cats like?’ Answer: They like boxes. A whole lot.”


The best phrase on the box for all you physics types: “Warning! The cat in the box may be asleep and awake. Do not collapse the waveform. – Erwin Schrödinger.”



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