From Smartphone to Bound Book

samsung1While there’s no shortage of digital printing options today, only one company has so far managed to successfully market that high-quality, on-demand printing directly to the public: Blurb.

Recently, the company that gave people an easy way to publish and sell their own books online announced that their service is now available on smartphones.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 phones come with an app called “Story Album,” which enables users to transform the photos they take on their phones into printed photo books – 7”-x-7” hardcover or softcover, or a new 5”-x-5” softcover made exclusively for “Story Album” creations. The software lets users arrange the images into templated layouts, plug in captions, dates and other information, and then have it all printed through Blurb.


This time last year, Blurb arranged a similar partnership with Consolidated Graphics to create “Publish,” a free Adobe InDesign plug-in for creating short run books and brochures on demand.



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