Cool Packaging: All Things Chocolate

all things chocolate packaging
Cracker Jack may  have recently discontinued its practice of including toy prizes with its packages but the tradition is alive and well in India’s All Things Chocolate. Every month it releases a chocolate bar with new flavors, along with new packaging playing up each bar’s particular theme. Take All Things Monday – a Belgian dark chocolate and granola combo that not only comes ready for the work week packaged in a freshly-pressed shirt, you also receive a To Do List that fits neatly in the breast pocket!

all things chocolate packaging

Want to do a little armchair traveling with your chocolate? Why not soak up the colors of Spain with the beautiful All Things Barcelona bar, which comes with a photograph from there attached to the front courtesy of four card-holder slits.

all things chocolate packaging

Or explore the Indian city of Jaipur  with the All Things Jaipur bar, which contains local entertainment recommendations from 25 Jaipur creatives.

all things chocolate packaging

The wide variety of looks combined with the unpredictable nature of just what the next flavor and theme will be make All Things Chocolate a confection whose packaging is as fun and inspiring as the yummy sweetmeats inside.

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