Cool Card: Anime/Manga-style Twofer

arcn manga style business card

Over the last five decades or so, the Japanese illustration style popularized by manga and anime has seeped into the pop cultures of east and west alike, from the award-winning films of Hayao Miyazaki to this month’s super-fad “Pokémon Go.” Here we have two examples of that signature style applied to business cards, both of them letterpress printed. This first one, printed by Elegante Press, is actually a business card for ARCN in China, some kind of market research firm if the wording on their website is any guide. What appears to be a simple 2-color print is, upon closer examination, one with a multi-level emboss. On the flip side of this 1-ply, 640 gsm cotton paper business card is nothing more than an email address. Really, what else do you need? 

arcn manga style business card

Next up we have a more “lo-fi” looking business card for an honest to goodness illustrator, so what better way to promote his work than with a business card boasting one of his own illustrations? Letterpress printed by Meiko Print in in Osaka, Japan, it has the same pillowy texture thanks to the cotton paper. (Details are maddeningly hard to come by for this one thanks to the language barrier, unfortunately.) Really love the watercolor-like look of this one.

illustrator business card

The almost peachy hue of the sheet is soft on the eye and goes so well with the orange pants, dividing line above, as well as the highlights in and around the reclining figure.

illustrator business card

This will give you a better idea of where that orange is actually used:

illustrator business card

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