A Range of Metallic Color in 1 Pass

scodix_chinaprint3While the world – or at least the media – this year appears to be obsessed with 3D printing using resins and other materials, we at PaperSpecs are far more interested in printing techniques that lend 2D printing an extra, irresistible dimension.

Last month’s China Print show saw the debut of Scodix Metallic, a digital-press system that can apply embossing, textures, bronze, silver and gold printing, all in one pass. The system builds on the Scodix SENSE CMYK color process, which uses the company’s S series digital enhancement presses and its RSP (Rotate, Scale and Position) Technology to create eye-popping effects all at once.


Scodix Metallic applies the SENSE clear polymer over selected CMYK colors to give them their metallic impact. According to the company, this protects the underlying printed image and prevents the metallic aspect from scratching or scuffing.


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