Take a Letter, Mr. iPhone

paperback2iPhones: Great for texting, “checking in” and Instagramming your lunch. Lousy for making quick notes. Seeing a hole in the marketplace, iLoveHandles (yes, that’s their name) came up with Paperback, a pad of iPhone-shaped sticky notes that reside on the back of your device. An 80-sheet pad will set you back about $8.

What at first sounds patently absurd quickly reveals itself to be a nifty solution to an age old problem. Paperback is probably the first practical portable sticky-note dispenser. Because the complete back of the Paperback notes are sticky, they lay flat against the phone rather than curling up as a Post-it Note pad does in your pocket. And because they’re on your phone, you always know where they are. Use them to dash off a grocery list, an illustration to help prove a point, or an “I was here, where were you” note for somebody’s door.

There’s something downright symmetrical about this fusion of technology and paper. And who knows? Someday far in the future, after the last of the cheap energy has gone and people are aimlessly shuffling around their cities, they may whip out their Paperback sticky notes to write something down, having long forgotten that the metal brick that holds them had any other purpose.



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