Adding Metal to Digital Printing

metal_125Digital printing continues to open up new possibilities – so much so that you never know what the next innovation will bring. Take Digital Metal: an off-line machine that applies foil to paper and paperboard packaging. The result is a partial metallization that achieves a high-gloss level unobtainable even by metallic inks, according to the company.

The technology provides gold or silver foil, as well as “diffractive designs with a rainbow color play, or holographic continuous structures,” according to Packaging Digest. In fact, we’ll let them outline the simple process for using Digital Metal:

1) The desired design is printed onto the paper using dry or liquid toner.

2) The foil is laminated onto those preprinted areas.

3) The package is digitally printed and, if required, lacquered. (Overprinting produces a variety of half-tone effects.)

And as this is a digital process, short press runs are easily accommodated.



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