UC Rebranding ‘Boldly Californian’

Throwing nearly 145 years of hodge-podge branding out the window, the University of California recently launched a sleek new identity initiative that seeks, in part, to reflect the history of innovation and start-ups for which the state is understandably proud.

Spurred by collateral created in 2010 by UC Creative Director Vanessa Correa to help pry additional funding from the state – it managed to free up $848 million – the rebranding effort has expanded to completely transform UC’s identity.

Correa’s eight-person team started by smoothing out the 10-campus university’s seal – the words “let there be light” below an image of an open book – into a multipurpose monogram. That element is used not only as a logo, but also as a pattern that runs throughout all of its promotional materials.

A UC video playfully demonstrates the monogram’s creation:

The school describes it as boldly Californian. What do YOU think?


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