Cool Design: Nördik Impakt Festival Identity

nordik impakt design

Paris’ Murmure is one of those design studios to whom you simply explain what you want to accomplish and then get the heck out of their way. (This will give you some idea of their output in the past.) After four years, Nördik Impakt – the electronic and independent culture festival hosted in Caen [France] by the ArtsAttack! Association – knows this well enough, which is why they charged Murmure to handle their marketing and advertising this year, too. “Our wish was to devise an artistic direction similar to current electronic music: elegant, viral and noticeable,” said the agency. And this is what they came up with.

nordik impakt design

Explains Murmure, “The graphic design rests on the pairing of this colour with an abstract graphic material which has been created by subtly blending references to art movements and current digital techniques. The overall composition is outlined by minimalistic geometric shapes which have been created using a metallic Pantone, which adds shine and elegantly highlights the lineup.”

nordik impakt design

Perhaps the design’s greatest achievement is the way in which it simultaneously appeals to digital music’s cutting-edge sensibilities and rave culture, with all of the sub-demographics that incorporates. (What are these patterns, after all, but an intriguing amalgam of lava lamp visions and visual representations of sound patterns such as the famous cover art for Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” album?) And once Murmure had their overall look, the festival lost no time in applying it to a wide range of merchandise.

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nordik impakt design

nordik impakt design


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