New Leaf Paper 100PCW Swatchbook

newleaf100pcwNew Leaf Paper has done it again with the introduction of coated, fine grade papers made with 100% Post Consumer Waste, Process Chlorine Free. Produced in HD300 High Definition true 300-line screening and Master G-7 certified color, the new swatchbook demonstrates the premium sheet quality print attainable on New Leaf 100PCW coated papers. This swatchbook is a must-have spec tool for designers and printers who desire the greatest standard of sustainability without compromising image quality.

The NEW line of Reincarnation has made New Leaf’s 100%-recycled-content papers not only the darkest “green” substrates available, but also some of the highest quality printing papers – all made in America.

100% post-consumer waste, FSC certified, Ancient Forest Friendly, Green-e and Processed Chlorine Free. Innovative People redefining paper.

PaperSpecs readers, request your copy of the New Leaf 100PCW swatchbook today.



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