An iPad Case with a Paper Flair

papernomad1bIPads have become the 21st century equivalent of infants and puppies. Not only do people stroke and coo over them, but the marketplace is filled with ancillary products designed to ensure their comfort. That includes dozens of covers constructed from plastic, leather, you name it. Most will outlast your iPad in the environment, and are as aesthetically creative as a dead iPad screen.

And then there’s the Papernomad. Produced by Griffin Technology, these tear-resistant, waterproof covers have a paper exterior covering a viscose fiber and biopolymer construction; the inside pocket is lined with static-free, unbleached wool to protect the iPad. The cover closes with a single organic hemp strap, secured by a magnetic closure. In addition to iPads, Papernomads are also available for iPhones, Mac Air and Macbook Pro laptops, and cost $40–$70.


While one of the Papernomad’s biggest selling points is that it’s compostable – something that helped it to win the 2013 German Design Awards – the clear enticement to creatives is the fact that you can completely customize it yourself. Pen, pencil, crayon, paint – the paper surface takes it all to create a truly one-of-a-kind cover.



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