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As much as we love clean ‘n classy business cards, occasionally we’d like to see more playful examples of this medium. And boy did we see playful! This week, we get a short-back-and-sides from a hair design school, take a trip back to the glorious 1980s, and get our fingers stuck together assembling a card for a model kit company. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found here.)

Hair Design School Business Card

Words will only get in the way here…

hair school business card

Retro ’80s Business Card

Soul food restaurant Mr. BigStuff is all about the ’80s, as evidenced by their business cards that mimic (actionably closely) old blank VHS covers. When you combine these with (even more potentially actionable) drink coasters featuring everything from Fat Albert to the MTV logo – nearly – you’ve got some of the most delightful identity materials around.

mr bigstuff business card


Model Kit Business Card

The first time you see this card, you’ll probably have one of two reactions. You’ll either slap your thigh and declare “By gum, that is PERFECT!” Or you’ll cradle your head in your hands convinced you’ll never be able to make your own cards this creative. The card in question is for Tamiya, which makes plastic and resin model kits whose pieces look remarkably like what you see here. You can assemble the pieces into one of three vehicles. Oh, and if you get bored…there’s a calendar!

tamiya business card


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