The Perfect (10) Tool Kit

Neenah recently created the CLASSIC Writing, Text & Cover Tool Kit, an inspirational go-to guide for the CLASSIC Papers brands.

The Tool Kit showcases the variety of design alternatives and combinations available with the CLASSIC brands in one easy-to-use resource.

Scaled to fit next to their CLASSIC Paper swatchbooks, the 6 x 9 Tool Kit includes the following features:

  • Large clean paper swatches of each of the Perfect 10 common colors across all six finishes (60 samples in all)
  • Creatively blended paper color palettes, like a mood board for quick color and texture ideas
  • A sheet cut calculator
  • An envelope guide to help with the envelope selection process
  • True-to-life design project examples that feature combinations of the CLASSIC Papers colors and brands derived from the mood boards/color palettes

As a special offer for PaperSpecs Pro members, please log in and select “Mill Promotions” to request Neenah’s Perfect 10 Tool Kit.


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