TrueJet Digital Coated Papers Launched

NewPage has officially launched its TrueJet Digital Coated Papers, the first gloss-coated product capable of performing on inkjet presses at production speeds

The breakthrough papers are the result of several years of research and development and on-press testing with some of the top manufacturers of high-speed inkjet presses.

NewPage was recently granted U.S. Patent 7803224 for the technology, which enables glossy coated papers to be printed via multiple processes of inkjet, offset and laser. Additional patents are pending.

NewPage and its TrueJet products also received a PIA 2011 InterTech Technology Award, which recognizes technological innovations expected to have a major impact on the graphic communications industry.

TrueJet Digital Coated Papers are used for commercial printing, direct mail, books, promotional materials, and catalogs.


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