xpedx Stores Division Closing

xpedx posted this announcement on its Facebook page:

“xpedx serves customers across many industries, and our stores community is probably the most diverse of all. From graphic designers to party planners, churches to small business owners, we strive to provide excellent service along with the products you need in the quantities you want.

If you don’t know, our largest base of customers is printers, and that industry is undergoing quite a lot of change. We want to continue to be a top supplier to the print industry, and to make sure that happens, we’re making some changes.

This year xpedx will realign operations so that we can continue to provide excellent service while helping our customers keep pace with the fast-growing digital print market. This means we will transition away from our current stores business model, to servicing many customers from xpedx’s well-established distribution network. We will also open “mini-merchant” locations based in some of the country’s top digital print markets.

While this is the right decision for xpedx overall, it will lead to the closing of our Stores division, which will unfortunately affect many talented and dedicated team members. Depending on your line of work, it could also affect you. Know that your local store associate is ready to discuss the changes coming our way.

Throughout this change we will go to great lengths to help our employees through the transition, and will do our best to limit disruption to all of our customers’ businesses.

We value our relationship with everyone in the Stores community – whether we know you personally, professionally, or through our social networks.

Look for future updates here, and please send well wishes to our wonderful xpedx Stores team.”


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