Mohawk Creates New Custom Paper

Mohawk Fine Papers has partnered with to create a custom paper line for MOO’s recently launched Luxe Business Cards.

Luxe Business Cards are twice the thickness of a standard MOO Card and three times as thick as a standard online business card.

A Quadplex layering technique fuses four layers of Mohawk paper together to create a 32-point paper never before available in the digital printing space. The two outer, printable layers are Mohawk Superfine Eggshell. An optional seam of color, which runs through the middle of the paper stock is available in black, cyan, magenta, or white.

“Previously, the technologies and design processes used to create similar cards were reserved exclusively for specialty orders at traditional lithographic print houses and specialty printers — this is the first time letterpress-quality paper and card stock thickness is available in the on-demand digital print space,” says Christopher Harrold, VP of Business Development at Mohawk.


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