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hardware store card“This is who I am. This is what I do. And now I’m giving a part of me to you.” In essence this is what every business card says to the person you hand it to. This week we savor the unique specialties of the house, poison the planet with a most unsustainable (and poorly timed) card, and celebrate a German hardware store.

Business Cards for a Restaurant

The identity Moscow’s Sonia Ri came up with for that city’s Rotonda restaurant keeps the  food front and center where it should be. Her clean and appealing designs let you know you’re in for an elegant experience, particularly the business cards. Says Ri:

“The pictures were taken in the style characteristic of Anna Williams – dark backgrounds, detailed textures, noir mood.”

Each card features the address and contact details of the restaurant on one side and a photograph of a unique dish on the other. One can easily see a regular requesting a specific card featuring their favorite meal.

rotonda business card


Stainless Steel USB Business Card

In 2015 the idea of having a metal business card seems about as socially responsible as taking a private jet to the local Trader Joe’s. Yet there are plenty of metal cards out there just waiting to make you look that much more…permanent? Whatever the rationale, we were impressed with an idea Pure Metal Cards came up with: incorporating a USB drive right inside a stainless steel card. Load it up with your portfolio and hand it out to potential clients – seems a no-brainer, right?

Yet we were actually more fascinated by how this item was surpassed by (the more sustainable) competition. This card came out last year, a year after work began on Intellipaper’s paper business card that works just like a USB drive. Not surprisingly, the Pure Metal USB card was removed from the company’s 2014 lineup.

pure metal card usb


Hardware Store Business Card

Some of the best design work today seems to emerge in design classes around the world. Take this brilliant business card design for German hardware store Schrauben Sepp, crafted by Laura Market and Niklas Zimmermann. 3D laser cut chipboard allows screws, anchors and other similar-size pieces of hardware to be inserted into the front of the card itself. On the back, directions on how to properly use the items. Nice!

hardware store cardhardware store card


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