Kickbox: Nice One, Adobe

adobe kickbox We’re used to seeing Adobe as the company that enables us to bring our designs to life, but what happens in the company itself is something of a mystery. Thanks to a recent FastCoDesign piece, though, we now know about the Adobe Kickbox, a marvel of Silicon Valley bravado and clever software development.

The Kickbox itself is a red cardboard affair given to Adobe employees upon request, bearing an illustration of a fire alarm and the words “Pull in case of idea.” Inside, everything someone might need to come up with the next big cash cow for the company. This includes a sea salt chocolate bar, a pen, two Post-it Notes pads, a mini-notebook for “Bad Ideas,” a larger spiral notebook, a $10 Starbucks card, and a six-level curriculum designed to help the user to develop their idea to the fullest. And a $1,000 prepaid credit card to cover initial development expenses.

adobe kickbox

With Adobe Lightroom being a prime example of an idea that was developed by a single person, the company is betting that it stands to reap more marketable ideas by investing $1,000 in 1,000 different concepts than $1 million in a single one.

Anyone in the company can request a Kickbox, though only 1,000 have been circulated so far. Of those, 23 have taken their ideas through the development process to the point where they’ve received additional funding from senior management…and a blue box. What’s in the blue box? It’s the question that will be keeping us up at night for weeks to come….

adobe kickbox adobe kickbox


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