New Mohawk Skytone Swatchbook

mohawk skytoneThose anxious to inject a bit of Old-world elegance into their projects will want to put down their snifter of port and send a telegram straight to Mohawk for their latest swatchbook: Skytone. This sheet gives every hint of being a true parchment paper, with a vellum surface and distinctive formation that leaves you with no two pages exactly alike.

Perfect for awards, diplomas, invitations and other announcements, Mohawk Skytone also happens to be FSC-certified, and made from 30% post-consumer fiber and wind power. Your choice of 12 pastel shades, including Sagebrush, New Bluestone, New Champagne and Pewter.

The Skytone swatchbook is the second in Mohawk’s brand new series for 2015 designed by Hybrid in San Francisco. Like the new Carnvial + Via volume, this one:

“…utilizes a new key system featuring solid black dot icons to indicate offset papers and a black dot with D icon to indicate offset and digital papers. The waterfall display shows available colors and basis weights. A chart located opposite the waterfall of papers contains details including basis weights, sheet sizes, recycled content, caliper and sheets per carton.”

Mohawk Skytone swatchbook


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