Appleton Coated’s Green Trifecta



Seemingly trying to green up the publishing industry single-handedly this month, Appleton Coated announced two new lines and beefed up the eco-bragging rights of a third. First, the new lines, direct from the official press murmurings:

Utopia Green Book: Offered in both 50% and 90% PCRF, well-suited for textbooks and other publishing needs. Available in 40 lb., 45 lb. and 50 lb. Text.

Recycled Book Offset:  A 100% PCRF uncoated offset grade. Comes in 45 lb. Text only.

Appleton Coated also revealed that it’s now making Utopia Book Inkjet with 50% PCRF and FSC certification. Get it in a range of basis weights from 45 lb. to 80 lb. Text.

“We have three exciting developments to share,” said Mike Bake, the company’s executive director of publishing papers. “Beat that” we like to think he added, but did not, alas.


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