360 Laser-cut Xmas Book

360-degree Laser-cut Xmas BookUnderstand that we’re not usually the type of people to deck the halls of PaperSpecs Towers with tinsel and drug-store decorations in August. But when we see a magical paper piece take on the iconography of the season with delicacy and style – well you can imagine our eagerness to share it. Yusuke Oono’s palm-size book is a marvel of laser cutting, carving a 3D, 360-degree world filled with reindeer, snowmen, and an elegant pine tree at its center. It also reminds us more than a little of our recent Weekly Paper Inspiration, “Motion Silhouette.”

A few more projects like these (and fewer holiday commercials) and we could really see ourselves getting into the holly jolly spirit this year 🙂

360-degree Laser-cut Xmas Book360-degree Laser-cut Xmas Book360-degree Laser-cut Xmas Book


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