Cool Cards of the Week

Business cards can be enchanting, educational, clever, and every now and then, deeply disturbing. This week, we try not to get our thumbs broken over that little gambling debt in Vegas, chow down on a survivalist’s calling card, and make every effort not to contract the world’s most dreaded disease in the name of going viral. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be contracted here.)

Debt Collector’s Business Card

There are few professions about which IRS agents can safely say “I’m glad I don’t have THAT job…” This Indian debt “recovery” agent’s business card features an image of an X-rayed hand boasting a broken thumb, evoking the less savory means by which debts are collected throughout the world. Ha ha…ha? (Gulp!)

debt collector's business card


Edible Business Card

From threats of grievous bodily harm we move to cardibalism. This card for a survival training outfit is made from beef jerky, with contact details laser etched into it. (While organic, the card is only good for a year.)

edible business card

Microscope Slide Business Card

No two ways about it: Ebola remains the nightmare disease from which we simply cannot wake. So naturally this ad firm has named itself Ebola Industries and claims to be “the first Italian viral agency.” And if you’re going to give yourself such a name, why not go all the way and make your business cards Perspex acrylic microscope slides, complete with laser-engraved name, screen printed address and logo, and an honest-to-goodness image of the ebola virus itself. We don’t know whether to applaud or hold our head in our hands and weep.

microscope slide business card


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