DIY Paper Lamp

lamp_125Home lighting choices looking a bit *meh*? German design house Fifti-Fifti challenges you to channel a bit of that creativity that goes untapped at work (we’ve all been there) into designing your own lampshade with its “Take-Off Light” kit. Simply poke out tiny patterns from a sheet of laser-perforated paper, fold over into a circular shade, and voila! No two shades will be alike.

Sure, this will set you back about $220, but that’s pretty much what you’d spend with the two or three lamps you’re bound to buy from Home Depot and subsequently take down and forget to return anyway.

Your significant other certainly wouldn’t dare to suggest you take down the lamp you customized, though. And if they do…well, lamps aren’t the only things that can be taken down and forgotten to be returned.






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