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“Attention to detail and unwavering watchfulness are required to end up with a stack of amazingly printed pieces rather than ruined paper.”

– John Earles, Workhorse Printmakers

When the perfect paper meets the perfect finishing technique in the service of an inspired design, what you get is a perfect storm…or perfect surge, as the case may be.

As a venture-capital firm that specializes in helping new energy-technology companies get off the ground, Surge Ventures looked at a number of alternatives for their business cards: metal, plastic, even wood. While these were bang on trend for the technology sector where flashy is king, they didn’t really speak to the company’s specialty: startups.

Houston designer Culture Pilot and that city’s Workhorse Printmakers embraced that special aspect of the business, tapping into the recent “maker” ethos by coming up with a card that looks hand crafted.

“The DIY/hand-crafted/built-with-heart feeling that letterpress provides was a nice tie-in,” says Workhorse Printmakers’ John Earles. “Additionally, it seemed perfect for delivering a combination of high quality with beautiful, subtle imperfections that synonymize well with startup culture.”

The white Crane’s Lettra Pearl 220 lb. Cover was an inspired choice. Its soft, fabric-like surface ensures you see the rich texture of its 4 color front/ 3 color back, even as it tantalizes the fingertips. Yet it’s the delightful way the minimalistic die cut interacts with the wave-like design that really turns heads – one final, perfect surge of inspiration.


Project Details

Title Surge Ventures Business Cards Date April 2015 Design Culture Pilot Print Workhorse Printmakers Houston, TX Paper Neenah's Crane Lettra Pearl White 220 lb. Cover

Production Details

Dimensions 3 x 2" Print Quantity 2,000 (4 lots of 500) Production Time 15 days Printing Method Letterpress Number of Colors Front: 4 PMS
Back: 3 PMS
Finishing and Binding Diecut


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