New Curious Collection Swatchbook

(Due to an editorial error, the Newsletter last week didn’t link to this story – here it is again for those who missed it online – Ed.)

Clear some room on that shelf – a new swatchbook is now available boasting the four new SKIN Curious Collection colors introduced earlier this year. To give them their official descriptions, they are “distinctive” Indigo, “precious” Emerald, “elegant and mysterious” Purple, and “timeless and versatile” Grey. Also find the new Curious Metallics Digital Lustre 111 lb. Cover, 111 lb. Curious Metallics Ice Gold, Lustre and Gold Leaf.

And of course the swatchbook provides everything you need to help you figure out how best to work these new papers into your projects, including caliper details, as well as color equivalents (CMYK, RGB and HTML) for each paper in the SKIN Curious Collection.

As a special offer for PaperSpecs Pro members, please log in to request your copy of the SKIN Curious Collection swatchbook.


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