Actress' Lenticular Business Card

Lenticular business cardThe acting business is just about the toughest there is, especially today. Other than making sure your IMDBPro profile is up-to-date and full of great clips and images, what can you do? One European actress, Anne Lessmeister, turned to Viennese design studio Perezramerstorfer to help her step away from the rest of the crowd with a fun and playful business card/website combo.

The first thing to realize is that these cards were made by hand. Each card contains a circular window at its center featuring four lenticular images: a profile, another of the actress looking away, one of her fingers crossed behind her back, and one of her bare legs and feet.

As the makers told Cardonizer:

“The business cards were produced in our own studio with a normal printer and three sides, two paper sides and a transparent paperfilm side that comes in the middle with the photo. The productions costs were low in terms of materials, but not in terms of time….The idea came also from the fact that Anne loves these photo booths, she takes photos of herself doing small performances.”

Though we’re not familiar with Lessmeister’s work, the impression we get from her German-language website and business card is an Audrey Tautou/Audrey Hepburn type, equal parts fun and vulnerable. Check out her website to see how well they carried the card concept to the digital space.

Lenticular business cardLenticular business cardLenticular business card

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  1. Brad 7 years ago

    We can print lenticular business cards. We’ve been doing it for over 15 years.

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