In the Cloud with PantoneLIVE

X-Rite, Inc. and Pantone LLC have unveiled PantoneLIVE, a cloud-based color service that provides instant access to essential brand color standards.

Brand color standards are the principal component of PantoneLIVE and are derived from real ink on real substrates using real printing processes. This allows brand owners to predict how corporate spot colors will reproduce on a wide variety of substrates including brown corrugated, clear film and white polypropylene.

A brand’s color assets, analogous to a brand’s color DNA, are managed and maintained in a secure cloud-based data repository to ensure accurate color communication – to any supplier, around the world.

Access to the PantoneLIVE database starts at $99 annually for a designer; $1,150 annually for preproduction; and from $2,000 to $2,650 annually for production.

PantoneLIVE solutions will be available June 15. For full details, please see


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