GPA Starlight Photo Lustre Cover

Dream Car FrontWhen it comes to digitally printing covers, we could all use a wee pinch of pixie dust. Surely that must be the secret ingredient in GPA’s new Ultra Photo Starlight Photo Lustre cover papers for HP Indigo presses. It’s designed to add a “subtle silvery tint that shines right through any printed image,” according to the official writeup.

Here are the stats, straight off the mama sheet:

  • 80 lb. and 100 lb. Cover 
  • 18.26”-x-12.59” sheet sizes
  • Also available in 100 lb. White Photo Lustre for a more traditional backdrop
  • FSC certified.

Dream Car Front

Think along the lines of high-end direct mail, cosmetic marketing, and travel and hospitality for this paper – pretty much anywhere that it pays to bring a strong photographic cover to life. Two-sided printability only expands your options here, and finishing options abound: diecutting, scoring, folding, emboss/deboss, foil stamping – go crazy.

Best of all, you can skip additional surface coatings (e.g., UV) as the main selling point for this paper is its built-in radiance. Let the sun shine in, people.


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