Lusty Laser-cut Paean to Type

novum_125Sometimes we think we know what it must be like to be a bloodhound. There you are curled up in the corner, trying to catch up on your beauty sleep, when all of the sudden your nose picks up the scent, and away you go. We’re kind of like that with paper design. (It’s a curse, we tell ya.) That ol’ paper nose started twitching recently when we came across the October issue of the German graphic art mag Novum.

A tribute to typography, this issue features a sell-your-mother-for-a-copy cover that’s laser cut with letters in various typefaces. The paper is Iggesund’s Invercote G 240 g/m2 paperboard laminated with Brushprint Silver foil. The foil side was used for the inside cover, but also as a flap, becoming a background for the laser cut.


“A copper shade was also printed onto the silver foil, and a pattern was created during the printing process by letting the silver shine through,” according to a press release making the rounds. Quoth Novum journalist Christian Deppisch, “The designer also wanted to play with the contrasts between shiny and matte, in this case the difference between the shiny foil and Invercote G’s uncoated reverse side.”

Check out the “making of” video below, fellow bloodhounds. “Aroooo!!!”



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